In times gone by, you would have had to travel thousands of miles to a remote area of Japan to experience a true Volcanic Sand Bath, but now it is becoming available at a handful of luxury spa’s and clinics around the world. And now you are able to enjoy this indulgent treatment at HYF Medical Center, situated close to La Mer in Jumeirah.

Japan is rich in volcanic sand, heated by the underground hot springs in the shadow of the Kaimondake volcano. The sand particles from Japan’s volcanic region are larger and rounder than regular sand particles, which means that they can store heat for over 20 minutes – perfect for this treatment. This hot sand has many healing properties, including relieving musculoskeletal and arthritic pain, improving the look and feel of the skin and immediate weight loss, among many other things. The promise of healing and overall better health encourages thousands of people to make the long and tedious journey to this volcano site, to then be buried from the neck down in the hot sand particles.

Volcanic sand is said to contain more than 50 essential vitamins and minerals, and is naturally alkaline, which boosts it’s natural detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. The exclusive volcanic sand bath treatment has been tried and tested over centuries, and is known to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and warn off the signs of ageing.

This may sound like some kind of new-age, recently discovered treatment, but Volcanic Sand Baths are actually a pretty big part of Japanese culture. People from all over the country visit the beaches of Ibusuki and Kagoshima to be buried in the hot volcanic sand.

At HYF Medical Center, your treatment will start in our warm, comforting medical spa room, where you will change into a traditional light cotton robe called a Yukata. After this, the therapist will talk you through the treatment, ensure you are completely comfortable, before you lay face up in the hot sand, which has been soaking in hot water before drying out for your session. The spa therapist will then slowly bury you underneath the warm sand particles as you truly relax. Unlike the sand baths in rural japan, the ceremony at HYF is private, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Because the sand has a high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity, it uniquely warms the body gradually and uniformly. The particles also pull moisture away from the body, which prevents overheating, and our therapist will ensure the head and heart are cooled with cold towels where necessary. Your body is heated in the same way a sauna does, releasing toxins and reducing inflammation in the process. The cocooning effect of the hot volcanic sand is a pleasant and warming experience, and after the release from the warmth of the treatment, you will leave feeling lighter and exhilarated; the energy you will feel has been told to be like ‘the morning sunlight’.

You will be submerged in the hot volcanic sand for 15 minutes, the ideal amount of time for the body to fully benefit from the effects, before being slowly uncovered and cooled. Many clients have said that this treatment leaves them feeling instantly refreshed and rejuvenated, with a burst of energy, unlike other sauna and spa experiences that can leave people feeling tired and sleepy. The temperature of the treatment can be adjusted for those who are not used to or cannot handle the heat, and our therapists are always on hand to ensure the upmost comfort throughout the experience.

HYF Medical Center cannot wait to welcome you to try this b treatment all the way from Japan