Functional medicine

Functional and Internal Medicine is the medical specialty that involves diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in adults. Our fully personalized approach to this ensures that our clients feel at ease and comfortable whilst discussing, analysing and treating any issues they may face. We offer our clients an advanced way to address the underlying causes of disease and not simply treat the symptoms. We use cutting-edge functional testing as a preventative approach to health care by predicting risk of developing diseases at an early stage.

At HYF Medical Center, we pride ourselves on having the most advanced diagnostics and treatments available and offer a wide range of services to aid on the road of understanding and recovery. Our broad-spectrum blood tests can detect abnormal hormone & vitamin levels, and we are able to distinguish mineral deficiencies with non-invasive testing methods. Our advanced DNA analysis examines genetic markers that influence weight gain or loss, and scientifically identifies the most suitable skincare ingredients for each individual client base on their own DNA. From these, we can create completely personalized treatment plans and programs which are scientifically backed.

Treatments Include:
  • The most advanced blood testing
  • The most advanced genetic testing
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Skin DNA Analysis
  • Food Intolerance Test
  • Healthy Weight DNA Analysis
  • Bio-identical hormonal therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Stem cells in anti-aging and well-being
  • Customized Treatment Plans & Programs