When it comes to facials, you might be led to think that there is a ‘one size fits all’ treatment out there, but at HYF Medical Center, we’re here to prove you wrong. Katrina Valente is our Holistic Therapist, and we caught up with her to find out exactly what holistic therapy is and how it enhances facial treatments.

What exactly is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Therapy is a type of therapy that looks at the whole mind, body and spirit of a person. My treatments are completely personalised to use different aspects of the client’s personality in different forms, such as reflexology, aromatherapy or crystal therapy.

What are the differences between a normal and holistic facial treatment?

A facial treatment normally starts in the same way for every single person; you lay down on the bed and you have your treatment and then you’re done, but Holistic Therapy is very different. I start each treatment by looking at the entire mind, body and spirit of a person using colour therapy, which is matched to a person’s emotions, which then allows me to select the right blend of personalised treatment just for them. I use a crystal mattress to balance energy and reflexology to balance the meridian lines. Every person I have ever treated says that my holistic facial treatments are like nothing they’ve ever had before!

How did you put together your ideas to create these bespoke treatments?

I found it very liberating to be able to put together my own design of facial, and because I studied many different modalities throughout my training and travelling, I was able to incorporate these skills and merge them with my passion of anti-ageing therapies, especially into the facials that I do here at HYF Medical Center. The knowledge of these different modalities helped me create the concept of using colour therapy to personalise the treatment for each client and led me to use the crystal bed to relax the energy in the body. The oils used in my reflexology treatments are the colour oils that have been chosen personally by the client, and this helps to re-align the meridian lines of the body, giving results which are much more elevated than from a regular facial.

How long have you done this type of therapy?

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years now. It’s been an incredible journey of development; both in myself and my practices. After my studies, I established a global beauty business, and my interest in facials and anti-ageing began to grow. I knew through my own experiences that staying young on the inside slowed down the ageing process on the outside, and so I have spent years developing my unique tailor-made therapies.

What are the advantages and benefits of Holistic Facial Therapy?

Not only do you leave my treatments with glowing skin, but you feel so much better overall as well. During my sessions, the body, mind and spirit are all brought into balance. I don’t see these as just facials, I see it as a full healing session. I’ve definitely had a variety of reactions to my treatments; some clients have left feeling like a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders, some have been able to open their mind and come up with an amazing idea for their business, some have even become quite emotional. And that’s why I say that it is a full healing session – because it really can be.

What can I expect from one of your treatments?

Expect to feel fully relaxed from the moment we start the treatment. You can expect to leave the treatment with amazing glowing skin, feeling more balanced, at ease and relaxed than you have before. Expect to feel rejuvenated, energised and focussed – but most of all expect to feel at peace; both inside and out.

How often should this type of treatment be undertaken?

I would that that regular facials are the best way to achieve the full effects, and how regular they need to be could easily be determined when I meet someone. Generally, though, I would say that every other week or once a month is absolutely perfect for most people.

Who will get the most out of holistic therapy facials?

Absolutely everyone, without exception.